Monday, September 21, 2015

Trade list updated September, 2015

Blogger has gotten so glitchy these days that I am uploading my list to this location

to download, look for the blue bar that says

"click here to start download from sendspace"

the other download links are add ons you don't want

Here's my current want list, contact me if you have anything that you want to trade along these lines!

Finnish artists ( Avarus, Islaja) psych ( NoNeck Blues Band, AMT, Haino, KK Null, Sun City Girls, Black Dice, Sunburned Hand of the Man ) art rock ( Mute Socialite, OCS, Racc-oo-oon, XiuXiu,Chinese Stars, the Punks, Daughters, Wives) noise (Caroliner, Hans Grusel, Rubber-o-Cement, Merzbow), electric jazz (“zorn-less” zorn, E#) modern music (Ostertag, fm Uitti, the Parkins girls) some metal and modern acoustic stuff....